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The Abduction of Yossele Schumacher


In Israel, 1960, a gang of Ultra-Orthodox fanatics led by a female ex-Catholic French resistance fighter kidnapped an eight years old boy and evaded the Mossad world wide for over two years. 


8 episodes X 60 minutes
Created and Written by Moshe Zonder  Eran Riklis
Director Eran Riklis
Producers  Michael Sharfshtein  Moshe Edery  Eran Riklis

In the early 60’s, the abduction of an eight-year-old Jewish boy by his ultra-Orthodox grandfather leads the child’s mother Ida Schumacher, the abductor Madeleine Feraille and Mossad agent Judith Avrahami to clash over the faith and fate of the boy, launching a fierce conflict between the Israeli Mossad and the impenetrable web of the Orthodox community. A global chase that begins in Jerusalem, triggers deceit, pain, loss and the agony of motherhood.

Languages: English, French, Yiddish, Hebrew

Locations: Europe, USA, Israel


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