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United King Films, owned by Moshe Edery and Leon Edery, is the largest entertainment content enterprise in Israel today.

The company stands at the forefront of every aspect of the local entertainment industry from production, distribution and marketing of feature films, television, home entertainment/DVD and a wide range of music productions and stage performances.




Topia Communications (2003) Ltd, is headed by Michael Sharfshtein, a veteran Israeli producer, working in the film industry since 1970. Sharfshtein produced many award winning cinema and television films including Marriage of Convenience, Passover Fever, Cup Final, Basic Training, Criminal Charges and in recent years co-productions such as Rock the Casbah, Kidon and Playoff.

Riklis is one of Israel’s most acclaimed film makers and has been working as director, writer and producer for over thirty five years.

Eran Riklis directed numerous TV series and drama, documentaries and commercials. His award winning, critically acclaimed films include Lemon Tree, The Syrian Bride, Dancing Arabs, Zaytoun, The Human Resources Manager, Spider in the Web, Shelter, Cup Final and more.


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