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in development


Fate will find you

A man’s struggle to understand his faith in order to survive his fate.

Based on the book "THE STOLEN IDENTITY" by Roman Frister

(inspired by a true story)


a film by Eran Riklis

Producers Michael Sharfshtein  Moshe Edery  Eran Riklis




Having lost his entire family, Holocaust survivor ISAAC LIEBHABER, is on the way back to his native country, Poland. On a train filled with liberated prisoners, he finds himself faced with an irresistible temptation: a fellow non-Jewish passenger, RUDOLF NOVAK, is murdered by a drunk Russian officer, leaving behind his identity papers. As the newly born Rudolf Novak, Liebhaber can now erase his Jewish identity and put the horror of the past behind him. He rises quickly under the wings of the powerful Communist Party – backed by Moscow - and gets everything he ever dreamed of: success, power, wealth, even love. Isaac’s Liebhaber’s transformation into Rudolf Novak is complete.


But the identity he stole comes with a past. A dark one. As he is about to reach the peak of his new life, the police knock on his door. He is charged with collaborating with the Nazis during the war and is held responsible for the death of thousands of Jews. As Novak’s haunting secrets continue to surface and threaten everything Isaac has achieved, he finds himself trapped in his stolen identity, crushed by a tyrannical system that has decided to make his case into a  show trial and does away with the few witnesses who can support his claim that he is in fact a Jewish survivor.


Isaac’s only hope of survival is to turn to the God he betrayed and beg for forgiveness. He will soon learn that God is a consuming fire, a jealous God, that has no mercy.

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