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Two Mossad agents on an exsistential voyage across Europe. Success means everything, failure means death.


Director Eran Riklis

Screenplay by Gidon Maron, Emmanuel Naccache

Producers Michael Sharfshtein   Moshe Edery    Leon Edery    Eran Riklis (IL) 

Jacqueline de Goeij (BEL)   Eyal Edery (PT) Sabine Brian  Ronald Versteeg (NL)

World sales Film Constellation 



Two strangers - both with the appearance of insurance brokers, sit face to face on a train from Paris to Frankfurt. Nothing suggests that the elderly gentleman (Adereth, 63) is one of the mythological field agents of the Israeli Mossad, and is on the most important journey of his life to obtain information on the nuclear reactor being built in Syria, while the young man (Daniel, 34) is an operative sent to “oversee” him.

The Prime Minister authorizes Daniel’s mission for lack of a better option since Adereth has become a liability. Some of Adereth’s superiors are convinced that he is fabricating intelligence in order to emphasize his importance to the Mossad and to delay his impending retirement. Hostile forces constantly attempt to harm the two agents on their quest for information and the journey becomes a requiem for Adereth. The events that the two experience clarify the emotional turmoil in which he finds himself in his solitude. Daniel, for whom this is an initiation, treats Adereth with suspicion. However, as they progress, Daniel is pulled in by Adereth’s charisma - what he discovers instills in him many doubts regarding his superiors and even his own motivations and aspirations.

The mission’s success is an existential matter for Adereth, success means continuing to serve the Mossad, failure means his life has no meaning anymore, perhaps no life at all.

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