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Michael Sharfshtein, a veteran Israeli film producer has worked in the film industry since 1970 producing many cinema and television films recipients of Israeli and international prizes.



Feature Films

"Fractures" by Arik Lubetzky,2017.

"The Ring's journey by Arik Lubetzky & Matti Harari, 2016.

"Fire Birds" by Amir I. Wolf, 2015. 

"Apples From The Desert" by Arik Lubetzky & Matti Harari, 2015. 

"Hill Start" by Oren Stern

"Kidon" by Emmanuel Naccache, 2013. Co-production: Israel/France.

"Rock The Casbah" by Yariv Horowitz, 2012. 

"Little Simico's BiG Fantasy" by Arik Lubetzky. 2011.

"PLAYOFF" by Eran Riklis. 2011.

based on Ralf Klein's life story. Co-production: Israel/France/ Germany.

"Bye Bye Love" by Ayelet Dekel. 2006.

"Women" by Moshe Mizrahi, 1998.

"Passover Fever/Leilasede" by Shemi Zarhin, 1997. Best Script Montreal Film Festival.

"Zohar" by Eran Riklis, 1993. Best Actor, Israeli Academy Award.

"Cup Final" by Eran Riklis, 1991. Venice and Berlin Film Festivals.

"Marriage of Convenience" by Haim Buzaglo, 1988.

"Until Night Ends" by Eitan Green, 1984. Un Certain Regard, Cannes Film Festival. The Israeli submission for the US Academy.

"On A Narrow Bridge" by Nissim Dayan, 1986.



"NEWS REEL" a documentary series for channel 1. 2012. Currently on post-production.

"Locker Room" Documentary by Nisan Kats and Eyal Zusman. 2009.

"In the Land of the Dwarfs" Documentary by Sigal Shaashua. 2009

"Locker Room" Documentary by Nisan Kats and Eyal Zusman. 2009.

"Flipping Out" Documentary by Yoav Shmir. 2007. Co-production of 7 territories.

"Galilee – War Journal" by Amit Shalev. 2007

"Haperach Begani" The life of Zohar Argov, By Shiri Shahar, 1993.

"We Love you Patricia" by Shiri Shahar. 1998 Special mention Jerusalem Film Festival


Television Series

2004 -2005 "Criminal Reports" - 12 episodes for Channel 1 directed by Haim Buzaglo.

2001 developed a series based on the writings of Hanoch Levin for Channel 1.

So far the only film made is "Sochari Hagumi" (Rubber Trade)/Zeev Revach

"Basic Training/Tironut" 24 episodes for Reshet/Channel 2

"Me and my Family" 13 episodes based on stories by Ephraim Kishon. Directed by Eran Riklis.

"Deep Blue" 13 episodes for the Cable Companies

"Jaffa Tales" 12 episodes based on stories by Menahem Talmi for the Cable Companies

"Straight Forward" 19 episodes for Channel 1. A sitcom, directed by Eran Riklis



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