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1987: The first intifada. 1991: The Gulf War. Two key events in the Middle East, two decisive stations in the life of young Eyad who grew up in a small Arabic town in the middle of Israel, surrounded by a loving family that is a little crazy and quite humorous. The father is a communist and a terrorist, the mother as tender as she is strict, a charming grandmother full of mysteries who knows everything about everyone, a mysterious puzzle that Eyad solves, friends from the city and guests from Tel Aviv, anda bove all a story about the search for identity which changes dramatically when Eyad experiences love and compassion in an elite boarding school in Jerusalem and finds out who he really is. There, he changes his identity to start a new life – he is no longer an Arab, no longer a Dancing Arab.

an Eran Riklis film 

Director Eran Riklis

Producers Chilik Michaeli  Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre  Avraham Pirchi  Michael Eckelt Tami Leon Bettina Brokemper

Associate Producer  Moshe Edery Leon Edery Simon Ofenloch

Cinematographer Michael Wiesweg

Editor Richard Marizy

Music Yonatan Riklis

Production Designer Yoel Herzberg

Casting Yael Aviv

Starring Tawfeek Barhom  Yael Abecassis  Michael Moshonov  Ali Suliman

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