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by Joshua Sobol

8 X one hour

Producers Michael Sharfshtein  Moshe Edery  Leon Edery  Eran Riklis

The struggle of Vilna's Jewish community to survive the Nazi terror, while preserving their human dignity and humanity.


Though there were once 80,000 Jews in Vilna, Lithuania, only 15,000 survived the Nazi massacres. With the Holocaust still raging, they organized their community to launch a fierce struggle, not only to save their  lives, but to ensure their lives have meaning too, even in the face of the Nazi monster's rapacious threat to their existence. In their fight to maintain human dignity, the Jews of the ghetto established an educational system, a health network that included a hospital, a library, theater, symphony orchestra, and jazz ensemble. They even created a militant Underground to fight back against the Nazis, when the time was right. With their bold creativity in the face of death, the Jews of the Vilna ghetto proved that the human spirit cannot be defeated. That is the ghetto’s legacy for humanity. The story of the Vilna Ghetto told in this series is based on the famous play by Joshua Sobol.



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