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A Palestinian and an Israeli reach a point of no return as lovers and as leaders of their nations.

8 episodes X 50 minutes each    

Inspired by the novel Absolution by R.F. Georgy

Created and written by Leslie Allen Eran Riklis  

Producers Michael Sharfshtein  Moshe Edery  Eran Riklis

Amal and Avi were destined to fulfill their nations’ most powerful ambitions. And to hate each other. Instead, they fell in love. But their epic journey to a world-changing moment, together and apart, has no road map. From Columbia University’s hushed hallways to Ramallah’s sun-drenched cafes; from Hollywood’s back lots to the bombed-out alleys of Gaza; and from the back rooms of Israel’s power brokers to the Persian Gulf’s golden palaces, Avi and Amal always make their own way and their own rules. Until they find themselves together again, in Oslo, facing the challenge of a lifetime.

As these lines are written, the Middle East is once again demonstrating how the cycle of violence endlessly manifests itself.  Still, we remain aware that within the chaos and under its rubble a new human story is waiting to unfold—even if we cynically say there's nothing new under the sun. But there is. And the story must be told.  And the voice of reason, of hope (Amal in Arabic),  can, just possibly, prevail. We believe that the time for this kind of story is NOW. This is not about trigger-happy guys on both sides. It is about an unlikely relationship that tries to give itself a chance—despite the pessimism, the fear, and the hopelessness all around. This is  our motivation. And it’s a strong one that comes from knowledge, experience, and a wise view of regional and global politics and especially of the human condition.

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